Photo of Laura Karpman outdoors

Laura Karpman “Sitara” score wins Best Music Score at Los Angeles Animation Festival

Emmy-winning composer and Screen Scoring faculty member Laura Karpman’s score of the animated short film “Sitara: Let Girls Dream” won the award for Best Music Score at the Los Angeles Animation Festival on Dec. 8. Directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, the film also won the award for Best Produced Screenplay and the Humanitarian Award.

The film’s story centers on the inequality facing young girls growing up in societies where the possibility of child marriage limits their dreams, a story that Obaid-Chinoy wished to tell largely through the emotion of Karpman’s score. “I’ve always wanted to tell this story without any dialogue. I’ve always wanted the music and expressions to drive the story,” she says. “As the music came to life, the movie started to soar.”

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