portrait of Lindsay Wolfington on blank backdrop

Lindsay Wolfington discusses To All The Boys soundtrack

Lindsay Wolfington, a faculty member in the Music Industry program, was interviewed alongside fellow music supervisor Laura Webb by Parade and Harper’s Bazaar to discuss curating the soundtrack for Netflix’s To All The Boys: Always And Forever. In both interviews, the duo spoke about what it took to find the perfect song to capture the film’s love story and the musical callbacks they sprinkled in to pay homage to the two previous films in the To All the Boys trilogy.

“It was a huge task. In my head, I was like, ‘Oh my God, we have to live up to the expectations of Peter Gabriel “In Your Eyes”’”, said Wolfington about finding the perfect love song. Wolfington and Webb were very hands on in bringing “Beginning Middle End” written by Leah Nobel and Quinn Redmond from a demo to a timeless love song for the main characters, Lara and Peter. “We considered anything and everything. So it was most exciting for everybody to use a song that was brand new.”

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