Maymester in London

May 27 to June 14, 2020

Open to current USC Thornton undergraduate and graduate students.
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MUSC 470: Contemporary Popular Music: A Global Perspective (2.0 Units)

Experience the world of song-writing, performance and production, event and stage management, collaboration, team-building, music direction, event promotion, leadership and problem solving all on the road, in one of the world’s leading arts, fashion and entertainment centers, London, England. In association with the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, London.

Richard Smith
Professor, Studio Guitar/Popular Music

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To clarify how this course might be applied as credit toward your degree, contact your Thornton academic advisor.

In addition to the standard cost of tuition, a fee of approximately $2500 will be required to cover accommodations and other expenses related to the course. Students will be personally responsible for the cost and arrangement of air travel and obtaining the necessary travel documents (including a passport), as well as the cost of food and personal expenses.