Portrait of Michael Abels

Michael Abels interviewed by ScreenDaily on diversity in film scoring

USC Thornton alum and award-winning composer Michael Abels (BM ‘84) was interviewed by ScreenDaily along with “Joker” composer Hildur Gudna­dottir about improving diversity in the film and television scoring industry. Abels shared how young people responding to the success of his work on “Get Out” prompted him to co-found the Composers Diversity Collective, an organization working to connect and empower underrepresented composers as opportunities for composers from diverse backgrounds continue to grow.

“If Holly­wood is willing to fix the doorbell and allow people in, we have to help fix the pipeline,” Abels said. “We’re here to say, ‘Let us build up your contact list with lots of diverse people.’ Not just African American and black, but Latino, Asian, South Asian.”

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