Opera Program

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11-16-15 (38 of 182)
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17-04-18 (92 of 135)
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4-18-16 (191 of 257)
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The USC Thornton School of Music Opera Program is one of America’s premier training grounds for singing-actors, opera coaches and collaborative keyboard artists – a program where youth and experience meet in a vibrant urban setting to create provocative productions of classic and modern masterpieces.

In addition to studying under Music Director Brent McMunn and Resident Stage Director Ken Cazan, opera program participants work with nationally and internationally recognized artists and designers. The USC Thornton School Vocal Arts Department also brings in distinguished opera industry professionals each semester to conduct seminars and master classes.

The opera program has access to all USC Thornton School of Music facilities as well as the USC School of Dramatic Arts’ premiere venue Bing Theatre.

The University of Southern California is known for its active and socially conscious student body, and the USC Thornton School is no different. The Chamber Opera of USC is a student run group that brings undergraduate and graduate students together to produce newly composed as well as traditional chamber opera. Also, the USC Thornton School has an extensive community outreach program that hires students to teach music to elementary through high school aged children.

The Opera Program Office (password required) handles all production, scheduling, and auditions for the opera program. Admission to the USC Thornton School is handled through the USC Thornton Admissions Office.