USC Thornton Student Stories: Erin Young (BM, ’16)

"Having a really rigorous academic setting was something I wanted going into college, and that's another reason why I chose USC."

By Kat Bouza

Junior Classical Guitar major Erin Young (BM, ’16), like all USC Thornton undergraduate students, juggles a never-ending schedule of music-related coursework, social activities, and required classes outside of USC Thornton.

“A musician’s schedule is just really packed,” she explained. “Not only are you budgeting time for classes, you also have to allot time for performances, outside rehearsals, practicing. So, really, you have a lot going on outside of the classroom that’s involved in your professional area.”

Young shared her daily routine to give a glimpse into the life of a music major at the University of Southern California — something that many incoming USC Thornton students, as well as other students on campus, often know very little about.

Like all USC undergraduates, USC Thornton students are required to enroll in several general education courses prior to graduation. These classes — which include both science and humanities courses — allow USC students to receive a well-rounded college education and widen their social circles, no matter their intellectual or personal interests. For Young, the general education classes have proved to be a valuable break from her music studies.

“It’s really opened up a whole new realm of intellectual possibilities for me,” she said. “I love having that other side of my brain worked. Having a really rigorous academic setting was something I wanted going into college, and that’s another reason why I chose USC.”

To hear more from Erin, watch the video above.

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