Advising Process — Minors

All Thornton minors have an assigned academic advisor. Minors are not required to meet with their advisor, but they usually need to obtain departmental clearance (D-clearance) to take specific courses for their minor. D-clearances may be requested through the Thornton Minor D-Clearance Request Form. Refer to your STARS report on OASIS to view your minor requirements. OASIS is accessible through your MyUSC page. Please see below for detailed instructions on D-clearance requests and registration preparation.

Priority D-Clearance Advisement Schedule

Thornton Minors
Priority D-Clearance for Spring 2023

D-clearance can be obtained by submitting the Thornton Minor D-Clearance Request Form during your priority D-clearance week (see steps below).

Units Earned * Your Priority D-Clearance Advisement Week Starts
96+ Monday, October 10
64-95 Monday, October 24
32-63 Monday, October 31
0-31 Monday, November 7
* Units earned is determined by the number of units successfully completed by the end of the previous semester. Refer to your STARS report to determine your number of units earned.

Advisement and Registration Process

    1. REVIEW your STARS report (accessible via OASIS in MyUSC). Make a note of minor program requirements that you have completed, courses currently in progress, and courses still left to complete.
    2. BUILD a proposed schedule on Web Registration (accessible via MyUSC). Be sure to review the requirements for your minor as listed in the USC Catalogue for the appropriate Catalogue year.
    3. D-Clearance Requests
        • Individual Instruction Courses (for Musical Studies, Jazz Studies, and Musical Theatre minors) — If you are planning to take an individual instruction class (e.g., MPKS 301) that is required for your minor, please email your minor advisor directly to obtain d-clearance during priority advisement. If you are planning to take an individual instruction class that does not satisfy a minor requirement, please complete the Individual Instruction Request form under the correct department that you intend to take lessons. These request forms will open on October 10, 2022.
        • Other Required Courses — If you intend to take a required course (not individual instruction) for your Thornton minor that requires D-clearance, please submit the Thornton Minor D-Clearance Request Form during the appropriate priority D-clearance week. The password for this form will be sent to your USC email address from at the beginning of your priority D-clearance week. Thornton Student Affairs will be in touch with you once your request has been reviewed. (If you would like additional assistance from your Thornton minor advisor, please email your advisor.)
    4. When you receive D-clearance, officially REGISTER using Web Registration for the course(s) you were given clearance to add, as well any other appropriate course(s) that do not require clearance. (D-clearances issued during the priority advisement weeks will be set to expire after Friday, December 2.) Important: It is always your responsibility to register for your classes on the Web Registration system. Your advisor will only grant you clearance to register; you will need to officially register for the courses for which your advisor has granted you clearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Advisors — Minors

Your Advisor Your Minor Program
Dr. Viet Bui
(213) 740-4721
Jazz Studies
Musical Theatre
Musical Studies (Emphasis in Voice)
Nancy Wong
(213) 740-4721
Musical Studies (All Emphases Except Voice)
Madeline Doyle
(213) 740-4721
Music Industry
Music Recording
Music Production
Popular Music Studies


If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact Thornton Student Affairs. Our office is located on the University Park Campus in The Music Complex (TMC), Room 200.

You can reach our office by calling (213) 740-4721 or via email at