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Thornton students talk transition to remote classes with Daily Trojan

In an article published April 13, the Daily Trojan interviewed students from USC Thornton and other USC performing arts schools about the unique challenges they faced in the transition to remote instruction, and how they and their instructors have adapted to the new format.

Dominic Anzalone, a sophomore in the Popular Music program, told the Daily Trojan that faculty and students in the program have worked to adapt to new programs that allow them to continue their studies, such as using mobile app Acapella for ensemble music. “I feel like now I’m working on things that will really help me grow as a musician, not only [as] a drummer,” said Anzalone.

Francesca Boerio, a sophomore in the Classical Guitar program, has experienced challenges in her courses, but expressed gratitude for her instructors for their efforts to improve students’ home learning experience. The program mailed each student an external microphone to improve their instrument’s audio quality during Zoom lessons. “My teachers have definitely done a very good job of trying to make this all work,” Boerio said. “Our faculty, our three teachers, are so accommodating and willing and really want us to still succeed from afar.”

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