Photo of Professor Beatriz Ilari

Beatriz Ilari cited in article about how music of “Frozen” appeals to kids

Music Teaching & Learning professor Beatriz Ilari was recently cited in an article about the music of Disney’s “Frozen,” and how common traits in childrens’ music can determine whether new music from “Frozen 2” will earn the same success as “Let it Go.”

Ilari, who studies music development of babies and young children, is well-versed in how children consume music. She explains that most popular childrens’ songs are similarly upbeat, and emotionally and melodically uncomplicated. By this measure, the hit song “Let it Go” checked off all the right boxes. “Into the Unknown,” the feature song of “Frozen 2,” might not earn the same popularity. As Ilari explains, the song features greater emotional complexity and a melody that is more difficult to sing, making it less likely to reach the same hit status as its predecessor.

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