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Beatriz Illari and Lynne Snyder explore AI’s influence on music listening habits

Beatriz Illari, chair of USC Thornton’s Music Teaching & Learning department, co-published an article with doctoral student Lynne Snyder for The Conversation, exploring how AI has shaped the music listening habits of Gen Z. In the article, they explain the positive and negative effects of modern-day listening practices going private.

With most young people listening to music through streaming platforms, there is a greater opportunity for AI to suggest new playlists and genres based on listener data.

“AI is being put to work to know not only what a user wants to hear, but also to predict the next big hit that everyone will listen to.”

Illari and Snyder argue that AI playlists are worth paying attention to because they have the potential to challenge the transition from childhood to adulthood.

“As young people transition from childhood to adulthood, two seemingly opposing processes become paramount: forming a unique identity, while at the same time becoming part of a community. Music listening and preferences play an important role in this process.”

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