USC Thornton School of Music Dean Jason King wearing a green blazer and standing in the sunlight.

Dean Jason King talks diversity, equity and inclusion in higher education

On Nov. 24, USC Thornton Dean Jason King was featured in a Forbes article about diversity, equity and inclusion in academia. King explained how representation, allyship and diversity can operate in a university setting and why they’re important. He emphasized that DEI initiatives in higher education are ongoing, with representation being at the center of progress.

“I look at my own presence at USC as a sign of progress. I’m bringing all of my experiences, my perspective, my culture, my approach to methodology and practice,” King said. “I’m emblematic of some of the progressive changes that are happening at USC around hiring. USC has a really strong apparatus in diversity, equity and inclusion. It feels like we’re definitely moving in the right direction.”


Photo by Laylah-Amatullah-Barrayn

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