Jeffrey Kahane standing against piano.

Jeffrey Kahane lauded for performance of Bach’s “Goldberg Variations”

Keyboard Studies faculty member and acclaimed pianist Jeffrey Kahane opened the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center’s Baroque Festival on Dec. 3 with a lecture and lauded performance of Bach’s “Goldberg Variations.” As one of few masters of the work, Kahane opened the evening with a brief lecture with the assistance of the Calidore String Quartet, and performed the variations on a historical piano, originally built in 1884, and recently restored.

The New York Classical Review applauded Kahane for his experimentality, noting, “In the opening and closing Arias, he played around with the grace notes and trills, taking a new approach with each one.”

Kahane is a celebrated pianist, and formerly served for 20 years as the music director of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra.

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