USC Thornton Graduate Student Orientation

Welcome to the USC Thornton School of Music! We are excited to have you join our community and we are hopeful that you will learn and grow in many ways through the art of making and learning about music.

The USC Thornton Office of Admission and Student Affairs is here to support and guide you throughout your journey here at USC. From the start, our Admission team has worked very closely with you, and now as you move forward with your Thornton program, our Student Affairs team will support you on your path to completing your graduate degree.

The information provided here will help prepare you not only for the upcoming fall semester, but also throughout the rest of your time at USC. Please carefully review all of the following sections to understand our academic expectations, your degree requirements, and the academic advisement and registration process.

Academic Community
International Student Information
Academic Standards and Policies
Resources and Opportunities
Academic Advisement and Registration
Action Checklist
Program-Specific Resources