Links and Contacts

USC Engemann Student Health Center
Primary health care, general wellness resources and referrals to appropriate specialists. Covered by USC student health insurance.
(213) 740-WELL

USC Engemann Student Counseling Center
Confidential emotional health services. Support for issues such as performance anxiety, identity development, self-image, stress management and challenges in relationships. Covered by USC student health insurance.
(213) 740-WELL

USC Physical Therapy
Evaluation and treatment for pain and injury that may be affecting or limiting playing, rehearsal and performance status. Will provide recommendations for exercise, health and wellness. Covered by USC student insurance (with a $15 copay) and most private insurance.
(213) 740-0215

USC Occupational Therapy Faculty Practice
Hand therapy and rehabilitation by certified hand therapists, support for developing healthy lifestyle habits that promote wellness and life satisfaction and private consultations covered by USC student health insurance.
(323) 442-3340

USC Kortschak Center for Learning and Creativity
Innovative programs and services to support a wide range of learning styles and differences. Academic coaches, learning style assessments and assistive technologies are available to USC students free of charge.
(213) 740-7884

Musicans’ Health & Wellness Links
Courses of Interest
Reading Recommendations

USC Department of Physical Education
Courses in weight training, stress management, yoga and other course options to help develop physical strength, endurance and flexibility.
(213) 740-2242

Mindful USC
University-wide initiative offering classes and research that promote mindfulness – being fully present in our lives and in our work. Mindfulness practices help us to be aware of ourselves in ways that reduce stress, increase happiness and nurture attentiveness, creativity and innovation.
Healthy approaches to practicing and performing and guidance on performance injury prevention. Companion site to Gerald Klickstein’s book, “The Musician’s Way: A Guide to Practice, Performance and Wellness.”

The Bulletproof Musician
Website devoted to helping musicians overcome stage fright, performance anxiety and other blocks to peak performance.

Andover Educators
Using a technique called body mapping, Andover Educators train musicians on how to effectively support and enhance movement in practice and performance with the goal of increasing ease and preventing injury.