Health & Wellness

USC Courses of Interest

While the content of the courses listed below is not evaluated by the USC Thornton School of Music, students who have taken them in the past have felt that the opportunity to have structured expert instruction in these subject areas was helpful. It is recommended that students speak with the instructor of the course and consult their private teacher before deciding to enroll for any of these courses.

(Note: all PHED courses listed below are lower division courses that could not be taken for graduate-level credit.)

THTR 419 Alexander Technique for Performers (2 units)
Instructor: Babette Markus (
Training and practice in the work of F. M. Alexander. A clear and systematic look into the underlying principles that govern human movement.

PHED 102 Weight Training (1 unit)
Contact: Steve VanKanegan (
Improvement of body shape, muscle endurance, and muscle strength; understanding of weight training and nutrition principles that can be utilized for future weight training development.

PHED 106 Physical Conditioning (1 unit)
Contact: Steve VanKanegan (
Improvement in cardiorespiratory endurance, body composition, muscle endurance and flexibility; running, circuit training, resistance exercises; fitness principles and nutrition to develop individualized program.

PHED 120 Yoga (1 unit)
Contact: Steve VanKanegan (
Introduction to meditation, breathing techniques and postures as a means towards relaxation; increase muscle flexibility, understanding of basic anatomy and nutritional guidelines.

PHED 129 Aerobic Fitness (1 unit)
Contact: Steve VanKanegan (
Aerobic exercise focusing on cardiorespiratory endurance; encompassing a variety of training methods such as high/low impact aerobics, body sculpting, circuit training and nutritional guidelines.

PHED 160 Stress Management for Healthy Living (2 units)
Contact: Steve VanKanegan (
Instruction on the effects of stress as it relates to work, sport and academics; coping strategies are discussed and applied through physical conditioning interventions.