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Black and white image of a German musician with long hair playing a keyboard from the 1970s.

USC Thornton members involved in new publication, “The Cambridge Companion to Krautrock”

November 30, 2022

Multiple USC Thornton members are authors in the academic publication, “The Cambridge Companion to Krautrock.” The publication, released on Oct. 20, is an introduction and analysis of the Krautrock movement in German music of the 1960s and 1970s. Thornton Musicology faculty member Sean C. Nye and keyboard studies alum Michael Krikorian (DMA ’18), an assistant… Continue reading USC Thornton members involved in new publication, “The Cambridge Companion to Krautrock”

Illustration of puzzle pieces with cartoon music instruments.

Rethinking Music History

October 14, 2022

USC Thornton is at the vanguard of a new approach to teaching music history.

Photo collage of music teachers in front of an illustrated backdrop of instruments.

New Avenues of Scholarship, Performance and Pedagogy

August 24, 2022

USC Thornton welcomes a new crop of faculty members, recognizes long-standing faculty with promotions.

Photo of USC Thornton Interim Dean Josh Kun

Josh Kun quoted in the Los Angeles Times

August 24, 2022

USC Thornton Interim Dean Josh Kun was quoted in the Los Angeles Times in a feature about Arabic-language pop and Elyanna, a 20-year-old Palestinian-Chilean pop singer from Tarzana.

Photo of Paul Jackson, Jr. giving an electric guitar lesson with an animated background.

Beyond Band, Choir and Orchestra

August 23, 2022

USC Thornton School of Music offers music teachers a master’s degree in teaching popular music.

Portrait of Nate Sloan

Nate Sloan featured on BBC’s The Inquiry

July 20, 2022

Assistant Professor of Musicology Nate Sloan was featured as an expert source in a new episode of BBC’s podcast The Inquiry: “Is Spotify Killing The Music Industry?”

Photo illustration of two strings musicians.

2022 Outstanding Graduates

May 13, 2022

USC Thornton students in composition, choral music, musicology and violin performance are recognized for distinction.

A Joyous Finale

May 12, 2022

Composition major Adam Karelin is named valedictorian of USC and an outstanding graduate for USC Thornton’s Class of 2022.

León F. García Corona

León F. García Corona

May 9, 2022

León F. García Corona is a music scholar whose work focuses on the intersections between music, race and social justice in Mexico and among its diasporic communities in the United States. His scholarship has been published by Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Latin American Music Review, American Music, the Canadian Journal of Latin American… Continue reading León F. García Corona

Photo of León F. García Corona

Meet The New Faculty: León F. García Corona

May 9, 2022

As part of a new series this spring, USC Thornton welcomes León F. García Corona, new assistant professor of musicology.